“Since I was a kid I was fascinated with the deep meaning of things, the symbols that tell a long story, with the supernatural. I remember trying to work on my own supernatural powers when I was in the third grade. Still working on those… I feel connected to the spirits of mythological animals, the myths of ancient Egypt, the legends of Native Americans. I live between the world of everydayness and many other realms, where the angels exist, where the wolves are wise, where Horus is in charge, and where I myself fly high on the wings of my creative energy.”

“Jewelry is an incredibly expressive art – for me. And my world needs expression. I feel deep in my soul the need for artistic expression – somehow jewelry makes it easy for me. To put my feelings, my thoughts into silver and gold, to add a bit of diamond dust to it – it is just a natural way for me to tell the world what I dream of and what I believe in.”

“The messages in all of my collections are different. The “Living Angels” collection is all about lifting up and above the ordinary, being a dreamer, knowing that we all can spread our wings and fly. I personally believe that angels exist and quite a few are among us, and I do feel my own wings at times. So wearing a piece from that collection will tell the world who you really are – an angel.”


“The “Between the Worlds” is all about my profound admiration for the world of the animals – the eagles, the falcons, the owls and the wingless gods of the woods – just the way the native americans admired and respected them, I feel that we are in debt to those creatures and with this collection want to pay my duties. I also deeply believe that human spirits are on a very high level connected to the spirits of the animals. My spirit definitely is. And the power that this connection gives to a human is beyond words.”

“All the pieces are full of deep and very specific meaning. sometimes so deep I can hardly find words for them. And more often than not – once they come out of the molds and actually come in contact with a human body – they develop a life and purpose of their own, and in a way change the person who wears them. The first time I personally experienced it was when I left my workshop with the first samples of my double wing rings, I had just put them on, got on my bike and then realized that I could never see my hands bare again.. That was a life-changing moment!”

“My designs are not for the weak spirited. The message in most of them is quite powerful, and that is exactly what I want people to feel. I want to empower them, to give them that unique possibility to have a spiritual companion cast in precious metals. And of course I want them to see the world differently, though they probably do that already – if they are touched by my jewelry.”

Who do you see wearing your designs?

“Strong and compassionate people all over the world. People who live in the multiverse and believe in that shared energy.”

“I tell a story with each design – sometimes this story gets too complicated to be told in words, the metal holds it, possesses it and speaks to whoever can hear it. I can’t give precise explanations to all the symbolism I am using, every piece lives its own story, it is all positive – no dark forces involved – so I am sure that people will feel which story each design is telling.”

“I believe in angels. I believe in human goodness. I envy the eagles, and admire them because of that envy of mine. I trust my heart. I feel the past and the future in the pulse of my blood. I have been a wolf and a falcon. I trust the nature more than I trust most humans. I hear the voices of ancient gods, I am learning the languages they are speaking. I will be an angel one day. I am not crazy. Or… am I??”